Do you give official quotes at any time?

No, we only provide official quotes during specific, announced times, but we are currently working on our price estimator tool that will allow you to get a basic cost estimate of your project.

You can use the tool provided to estimate the possible cost of a commission by clicking here.

 Why do you only take on a small number of commissions at a time?

 We both work full time jobs, and have other commitments which take up a lot of our time. To provide the highest quality we only take a limited number of projects on at a time so that we can focus on them. This also prevents us from having a backlog of projects if unexpected events occur.

 How will I know when I can get a quote?

 We will announce the dates we are giving quotes on this website. We will also post updates on our social media pages. (Found to the right)

You can also use the tool provided to estimate the possible cost of a commission by clicking here.

How does it work if I am selected?

If your project is selected we will negotiate the design with you and all other work to be completed. This will then be compiled into a commission contract. You will need to sign an return the contract before work will begin.

You can find a sample draft of what one of our contracts looks like here.

What types of work will you no do?

 We will not accept projects to re-create characters that are protected under copyright laws. We will also not accept projects that call for any type of mature content. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any project for these or any other reason.


Apple Monster FAQ

 Who is the apple monster?

 He is the official mascot of our studio. We don't know where he came from, but isn't he cute? He is some sort of dino-whale hybrid, and all he eats is apples.

 Are there any other apple monsters?

 Yes, but there is only one other that we know about. The other is Ms. Apple Monster, and she is the only other known member of their species.

 How many apples can apple monster eat?

 We're not sure, we have fed him whole orchards and he was still hungry. Let's all hope he doesn't find out about Washington!


We attend a number of conventions every year, and we would love to meet you in person! Here is a list of events that we are planning on being at where you can find us!

RMFC: Aug 11 - 14

Be sure to follow us on our various social media sites for any updates or announcements. We may also be found in the dealer's areas of some of these events, and we will announce those plans on our social media as well!


We are always working on projects here, and here is a list of what we currently have in the works!

Genn Greymane!